Today -- and every day -- we're celebrating some of the amazing women who bring you Therapy! You'll see us around the winery or inn most any day you visit. We're open year round and look forward to seeing you!


Winemaker & Viticulturist

"I love that every day is different in my line of work. In a single day I can be checking on the vineyards, instructing crews, evaluating wine in tank, topping up barrels, as well as numerous other things! My role is a lifestyle and a passion, not just a job."



Hospitality Manager

"Building relationships with our customers and guests is my most favourite part of Therapy. I love creating a memorable experience for everyone who walks through our doors. When people want to return, it fills my heart and let's me know I'm doing exactly what I'm meant to be doing in life."



"Learning about wine, from soil to glass, has been a long-time and particularly interesting subject for me. I love the spectacular views and being able to work alongside not just a great team of people, but one where key roles are led by women."


Wineshop & Vineyard

"You spend 70% of your life working so you may as well have fun doing it, and that's why I absolutely love Therapy! Working in both the wineshop & the vineyard helps me understand how they both work together. I'm always excited to come to work and make people smile and how it's one big family here."



Marketing Manager

"I love the sense of creative synergistic caregiving that overrides every aspect at Therapy. From vineyards & vines to wines & experiences, we pour our passion into all of it in order to offer our absolute best to guests at our wineshop, inn & through our website. I'm proud of our team & our product!"